Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Thank you, Lord!!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

To Them That Mourn

...this post is dedicated to my friend nameless...who lost his father about a week ago.

There is a God...who works all things out for his purpose

Why this?, you might ask...but wasn’t he the one who gave you that job, car, the exact time you needed it more than anything.

Take comfort in the fact that he was, is and always will be in control of everything.

Hold on to your memories

When from the outside, all others see are the shuttered windows, remember the days you woke up on the inside to see the sun shining brightly in, telling you it’s gon be a wonderful day.

When the others can’t look past the shut door, remember all the messages, hopes and dreams that went through that door.

When those around can only hear the creaking of the age-old stairs, remember the lives – both young and old – that once ran up and down those stairs.

Always remember life, don’t be afraid to see, hear, smell or feel the ones that have gone, they might not be here with us in the way we once knew them, but they forever hover in the skies above, interceding on our behalf, nudging the planets and the stars to align in our favour.

Love transcends time and space...and this life too.

They’d be waiting with arms wide open...

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I write...

I write because I can, because it is my only safe outlet – my pc cannot look at me or my thoughts disapprovingly or wonder why I think, or feel the way I do.

I write because it frees me, from the ever bubbling broth of thoughts, feelings and emotions that tend to want to boil over every second.

I write because it lightens – when the weight of the world and my life begin to weigh me down and cut down my emotional supply,

I write because these words are my own, from my heart flow (thief like me!)

I write for the future...when I need to know where I’m coming from to move me ahead, the words help me paint the exact watercolour of the times that have been.

I write because there is no other way, for me to purge, cleanse, release, replenish, refresh, renew,

No other way for me to forgive – myself and others, understand, be grateful...

No other way for me to be free...

I write because it is the only way...

For me...

To be me...

Thursday, 7 February 2008

The fickle life of music in unilag... last week, it was gongo aso - 9ice and gombe - x-project, and now the mo-hits all-stars album has taken over. Can't go past anywhere in lag without hearing pere...or close to you (the kobobo song)... or something else.

D'banj is such a cruise..."Nigerian girls gbadun koboko; South African girls need koboko; London girls them like koboko"

Wande Coal's voice is so on point - as far as i'm concerned, he nailed it on every track...

Still with the mo-hits crew - someone tell me, is it now a family business - what with d'banj's (k-switch) and don-jazzy's (d'prince) brothers up in the mix...

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


restless...mind all up in a million places at once...can't think straight...trying to keep my eyes closed, but something calls my brown peepers out of hiding...i answer, and wish i didn't...all i see are imperfections...white turned brown is all i see...what could have, should have, would have been if only i had done another all i see, all i hear, all they say...i'm losing me...i'm losing me...the perfect is beginning to haunt me again...


…Only because I’ve been tagged twice – first by Overwhelmed…ages ago, and then by nameless last month…would hate to disappoint.
1. My mum and I do not have anything close to a typical mother-daughter relationship – it’s touch-and-go at best…Sad but true.
2. Shoes turn me on… I’m serious, as in real serious, they really do.
3. I think… (so does everybody else) but I can think up both side of a potential conversation that might happen the next day, week… or is that dream (Sorry, I’m not very sure abourrit!)
4. I read erotica (*blush*)
5. I sleep in my “birthday suit” (now the whole world knows).

…running out of things…

6. organized chaos…the way I like my life and my stuff – dunno if the phase exists anywhere but poetry, but that’s just me!!!


7. can count all my female friends on one hand…

Hope these work…

P.S. Sorry I’ve been away for so long…

Thursday, 6 December 2007


I’m thankful for relaxation, complication, hibernation and irritation,
seclusion, confusion, and all my impurities and insecurities,
because I know its God just perfecting me,
that’s why each day I take life as it comes.

...Gratitude - India.Arie (Voyage to India)

R18...her view

This is kinda my version of the post R18 by Nameless on his blog reconstruction...

I watch him. he sits at the table, headphones in his ears, hoodie over his head...focused on the books...he looks so fierce...and cute...and HOT!!! I watch him, a mischievious smile tugging at the corners of my lips.
I come up behind him and sit on the chair behind him. slipping my hands under his shirts, I slide my hand up to his chest and lightly caress his breasts... I feel his abs bunch up as I run my hands up and down...down...and lower still...into his unbuckled pants... I feel him tense against me. I smile. he sighs.
he slightly tilts his head to the side and kisses my cheek gently...i close my eyes...he places his hands on my bare thighs…I feel a warm tug at my centre…I gently kiss the nape of his neck, placing feather-light kisses up the line of his jaw…his day-old beard rubs lightly against my skin…I stick my tongue in his ear...a slight moan escapes his lips… he loves it when I do that… his eyes close… I stop…I stand up from behind him, and walk away towards the bed…I turn around and stare into his eyes, I see a half-smile tilt the side of his lips and he begins to nibble on the corner…I lie on the bed…my bare legs draped in front of me...hinting seduction.
he takes off his headphones, and disconnects them from the laptop…he bends over the laptop…I wait…the volume comes up to a whisper: “boy tell me what you want, and I’ll give you what you like…yes my body’s yours tonight…” my head falls back, I close my eyes and inhale…my song...wetness pools between my thighs…I cross my legs…he dims the reading light, walks towards the door, his eyes fixed on mine, I can feel his longing, he locks the door and comes to me on the bed.
I move slightly into him and with his hoodie, pull him towards me. I feel his warm breath on my face. he leans into me and cups my face with one hand and kisses me… my eyes flutter shut… I feel the kiss in every nerve in my body… it takes the edge off my longing, just enough for me to enjoy the moment.
he trails his lips off mine, moving slowly, dropping light kisses from my lips, my cheeks, my forehead, down to my neck…he takes in my scent…and kisses and sucks on my neck…ooooh, it feels so good, I giggle lightly… thinking, I’m too dark for a hickey.
I feel his hands on my full breasts, squeezing them gently through my black negligee. he caresses them like he’s rubbing a bottle for a genie…with intent… the palm of his hand lightly grazing my nipples, moving over them…in concentric circles…I imagine they must be hard as diamonds.
I think I see him glance up at me… I’m too caught up feeling to be sure. he kisses me down from my chin, to my throat, to my chest, between my breasts… he lowers the top of my negligee and i immediately feel the cool of the air conditioning on my breasts…he takes one nipple into his mouth, his hand on the other kneading and twirling the nipple between his fingers…I gasp and arch my back high, high off the bed…I can’t get enough. he moves his lips and I feel the cool air from the air conditioning highlight the part of my breast wet from his ministrations… I arch even higher…he switches breasts… his tongue circles the nipple, his lips all over the breast, studying my areola like he did his books a while ago…I moooaaaaannnn…
I become restless…my thighs quake slightly. I run my hands over his head, across his shoulders and onto his back. I pull up his shirts over his head, run my hands over his bare chest, and drag his face up to mine. Fuck me, I slowly mouth…he smiles…a sexy grin that only serves to remind me of where I want him to be…and shakes his head…I’ve only just begun… I groan… fuckstrated… I lift my hips up and grind against his hardness, licking my lips in invitation…
he pushes me down with his body and moves lower. I feel his lips on the underside of my breasts… my stomach… feel his tongue dip into my belly button… lower…with his mouth, he drags up the bottom of the negligee… with my thighs widespread already, I feel the cool air on my wetness… I gasp… he looks up at me and smiles… I moan, oooooooooh baby and close my eyes… as his mouth closes over my clit…

Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Thanking him (again!) for life. I have it (period)! He is was a friend of a good friend and they both, with a couple of other guys were in my house exactly a week ago from now that I’m writing this, playing PS3 and PSP with GameBoy (my not so lil’ brother). Fifteen minutes ago, I got a call.
“...And by the way, do you know Henry”?
“Yeah”, I reply.
“He’s dead”.

At first I laugh - because that’s what you do, right. I mean it seems like the shit you get from punk’d or something. The pregnant pause sobers me up in lightening speed.
“Are you for real! What happened”?

Apparently, he went drinking with some other guys from the ‘hood’ (no gangsta intended, just slang for where we live) - Friday or Saturday hanging with the boys, and he got stabbed, by one of his guys....

I have LIFE!!! For this, I’m thankful...


I’m thankful to God for life – for many more deserving have left us, and many of us that have life do not know our purpose – we wander, sometimes further away from you and our purpose than you’d want, yet you continually bless us, holding out your hand, patiently waiting for us to hold on.

I’m thankful for the AHA moments, the finger-snap moments when the mundane startle me, and the quiet little voice tells me to be quiet, to wait, to listen or to stop fighting.