Wednesday, 27 June 2007


I HATE YOU. Oh, how I do.
I do my best never to hate because it’s not worth it,
But for you I’ve made an exception.
Do you not know that I’m talking to you?
Looking over your shoulder like there’s a third person in the room
“Me?” you ask
Hell yes!
You with the perfect smile, the perfect hair, the perfect body
You who sits upright at all times, always crosses her legs, never slouches
You who never forgets or procrastinates
You whose space is always tidy, who returns everything to their appropriate places
You the straight-A student, always doing the right things at the right times
You with the perfect wants, hopes and dreams
You always home in time, never ever late to anything
You with perfect dress sense, perfect make-up, always the lady
Oh yes, always the perfect lady, that’s you…
…with all your lady friends…yes, they’re perfect too
You with the perfect perfect
You who they always compare me to
You make me feel small
And for that I HATE YOU.


nameless.poetical. said...

hate is a strong word,
full of spite and venom,
blinding emotion,
like bright lights,
lasting stronger than halogen...

easy on that hate makes people do crazy irrational things unintentionally..(or intentionally? hmmm...)

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

i swear i thought i had commented on this post.. actually i think i did and blogger ate it up.. bastards!!!

i understand this post though... really.. i do... e go better...

butterfliesandstars said...

Overwhelmed - Thanks babes