Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Thanking him (again!) for life. I have it (period)! He is was a friend of a good friend and they both, with a couple of other guys were in my house exactly a week ago from now that I’m writing this, playing PS3 and PSP with GameBoy (my not so lil’ brother). Fifteen minutes ago, I got a call.
“...And by the way, do you know Henry”?
“Yeah”, I reply.
“He’s dead”.

At first I laugh - because that’s what you do, right. I mean it seems like the shit you get from punk’d or something. The pregnant pause sobers me up in lightening speed.
“Are you for real! What happened”?

Apparently, he went drinking with some other guys from the ‘hood’ (no gangsta intended, just slang for where we live) - Friday or Saturday hanging with the boys, and he got stabbed, by one of his guys....

I have LIFE!!! For this, I’m thankful...


I’m thankful to God for life – for many more deserving have left us, and many of us that have life do not know our purpose – we wander, sometimes further away from you and our purpose than you’d want, yet you continually bless us, holding out your hand, patiently waiting for us to hold on.

I’m thankful for the AHA moments, the finger-snap moments when the mundane startle me, and the quiet little voice tells me to be quiet, to wait, to listen or to stop fighting.

Monday, 26 November 2007


I’m thankful (in advance) for these thirty posts of grateful, believing that this experience would increase my appreciation for God, family, friends, everything I am and everything I have.

I’m BAAACCCKKK...Kicking Out the Lazy

Yesterday was the annual harvest thanksgiving in my Church, and for the few days before that, I had been quite grumpy. On Sunday morning, I decided to force some grateful into my Spirit and I thought back to November 2006 and realised that I’ve come quite a way. It is amazing how many things – great and small – that can happen in a year. One thing I have realised is that the mundane become startling when you look around and see what’s happened to others around.

I have been doing quite a bit of blog reading, and got hooked on Bimbylads book series. Recently she was tagged on the “30 Days of Thankful” series (-if I may call it that) and I had given some thought to it and had an idea for something similar, but this sista is so lazy – enu ni mo fi n post (I use my mouth to post), I keep on promising myself “b..flies..stars, today, we will post this or that” and then it’s tomorrow and I’m saying the same goddamn thing – that I couldn’t hold the thought of doing it myself for more than a second. But I’ve decided now, that this would be the perfect way to kick out the lazy from my sorry ass spirit!!! Decided to put my spin on it - 30 Thankful Posts (starting now and hopefully I wouldn’t take too long to complete) thanking God for me and all mine especially in the past year and everyone that without them, the past year would have been missing something...

Calling it The IDUPEs...