Thursday, 20 March 2008

To Them That Mourn

...this post is dedicated to my friend nameless...who lost his father about a week ago.

There is a God...who works all things out for his purpose

Why this?, you might ask...but wasn’t he the one who gave you that job, car, the exact time you needed it more than anything.

Take comfort in the fact that he was, is and always will be in control of everything.

Hold on to your memories

When from the outside, all others see are the shuttered windows, remember the days you woke up on the inside to see the sun shining brightly in, telling you it’s gon be a wonderful day.

When the others can’t look past the shut door, remember all the messages, hopes and dreams that went through that door.

When those around can only hear the creaking of the age-old stairs, remember the lives – both young and old – that once ran up and down those stairs.

Always remember life, don’t be afraid to see, hear, smell or feel the ones that have gone, they might not be here with us in the way we once knew them, but they forever hover in the skies above, interceding on our behalf, nudging the planets and the stars to align in our favour.

Love transcends time and space...and this life too.

They’d be waiting with arms wide open...