Saturday, 7 July 2007

A Hard Life

Wow! I've spent the last few days thinking of how artful I can make this post but the writer in me realised that the artful-ness of this would be in this simplicity.

A couple of days ago, I was driving down Ikorodu road to school and there was mad traffic (as usual) and I saw a guy - he must have been twenty-something or so - one of the street-hawkers and he was bawling (u must understand me, not sniffling. not crying, BAWLING) and I looked and saw that this guy was hawking a bag of 'pure water' and it had fallen (or something) and all the sachets in it had heart stopped.

Now, those that have been away from Naija for too long might not get the point of the post so i'd explain, a bag of pure water contains about 20 sachets each costing N5 - that's N100 per bag and the profit would not be more than N10.
*Interlude ends*

Is this the real state of our country, I had to ask myself - the privileged ones rolling in their cars with oye-pumping while the rest hustle for N10 on top of a bag of pure water?

I'm Thankful to God for what I have, where I am, ... because it's all based on what womb I was placed...

Dear Boy 1

Then: March 2004, Young and Fresh… and Cute(I think?)

Dear Boy,

I don’t know who you are, where you are or what you do but what I believe is that all what we have been doing, are doing now and will do until we meet is to prepare for the predestined time when our paths cross and our fates intertwine.

I’d like you first and foremost to be able to like me for me and not attempt to mould me into whatever stereotype that you think your girlfriend should be. I assure you that I am a very unique person and that is the part of me that makes me stand out.

I’d like you to be able to take the time to appreciate that I have some principles (some of which my friend’s call issues) and since they are the things that make me who I am, I do not expect you to try to make me give them up.

I want you to be able to understand that there are some things that I have gone through or have seen others go through that have kinda like changed my views on a lot of situations. A lot of times, I try to act really tough but I guess those are the times that I’m trying really hard to fight the things I’m feeling. At those times I’d like you to be there for me turning up the “heat” of your love so that the ice can melt.

About the word love, I am not sure if I have found what exactly the word means for me so if you notice, that is why I do not use or say it very often but for me to be your girlfriend, you must be rest assured that I really like and care about you.

I’ll need you to be there for me when I am happy, funny, gloomy, sad, and angry – in whatever possible mood I might be because though I might not tell you, it really makes a difference when you are there.

I know that being a guy, you are into all the macho stuff but I want to remind you that I am always there for you and will forever be there to listen to whatever you want to say. I’d like you always be yourself around me and to share your problems with me so that our friendship (not relationship) can grow stronger.

When we break up or fall “out of love” as others put it, I’ll still want us to be friends knowing that we’ve brought so many things into the lives of each other that cannot be lost or that easily forgotten,

Until then, just keep on being you.

Yours truly,


Wednesday, 4 July 2007


I am so lazy.
Too lazy to think, to write, or to post...
Sometimes, even too lazy to comment...
At least, this post is a start...
Hopefully, i'd be lazy no more.

Dear Boy 1 & 2 coming soon...
Somebody hold me to it...least I give in to lazy or just chicken out!